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Message from NEC/AAAE Chapter President, Carl Braley, A.A.E.

All Members and Supporters, 

It is with sincere thanks we are sending out today's communication.  

Leaders of our Congressional Delegates reached an agreement on a COVID-19 response bill last night. The Senate is anticipated to vote on the bill today, with the House of Representatives approving quickly to send it to the President for signature.

Generally, the additional $10 billion can be used for any “Lawful Use”. Airports will have “Broad Flexibility” to help pay for activities including operations and additional COVID-19 response activities.

This aid is a direct result of your persistence, your voice and your efforts.  

We thank all of you who sent our message LOUD and clear to our congressional delegates. Without your perseverance to our government leaders, this relief would not be possible.

We also want to send a special thank you to American Association of Airport Executives under the leadership of Todd Hauptli, for the exhausting efforts of Joel Bacon, Justin Barkowski, Carter Morris, Colleen Chamberlain, Stephanie Gupta, Brad Van Dam and all of those who worked behind the scenes.

With this relief, Airports will have the ability to recover.  And if Airports recover, so will our Chapter.

With sincere gratitude,

Carlton Braley Jr., A.A.E
2020 NEC/AAAE Chapter President


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NEC/AAAE develops leaders in the aviation industry through professional development opportunities and professional connections that add value to our membership within an environment of integrity and camaraderie. 

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Women In Aviation

The Women in Aviation Scholarship Fund honors women in aviation and cultivates future leaders. Funds will be donated to AAAE’s established Women in Aviation Scholarship program at the NEC/AAAE Annual Conference. The donation is also in memory of Claudia B. Holliway, a supporter and friend of the Northeast Chapter.

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