Committees & Chairs


Academic Relations Committee

Purpose: Provide opportunities for Northeast Chapter students through networking with industry professionals and other NEC student chapters.

Chair:  Stephen Williams, A.A.E., Delaware River & Bay Authority


Airports Conference Committee

Purpose: Plan, organize, and facilitate the NEC Annual Airports Conference.

Chair: Ed Foster, A.A.E., Lancaster Airport Authority

Co-Chair: Dave Jones, P.E., C.M., Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.


Balchen/Post Awards Committee

Purpose: Promote better snow and ice control, and to recognize those individuals responsible for outstanding performance.

Chair:  Tim Haizlip, MPA, C.M., Louisville Regional Airport Authority


Communications Committee

Purpose: Foster communication through email, social media and chapter website for internal and external customers.

Chair: Corey Hanlon, Morristown Municipal Airport

Co-Chair: Jill Johnson, McFarland Johnson


Corporate Committee

Purpose: Maintain strong relationships between the organization Airports and the Corporate Community aligning strategic initiatives and being advocates in both the Northeast Region and Washington, DC.

Chair: TBA

Co-Chair: Nick McLaughlin, C&S Companies


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Purpose: Enhancing the environment for diversity, equity and inclusion across the chapter

Chair: Keiva Rodriques, PE, CM, MDOT, Maryland Aviation Administration

Co-Chairs:  Dejuan Hardy, NFTA and Chrissy Milnor, MAA


Hub Airport Winter Operations Committee

Purpose: Coordinate conference logistics and serve as the liaison between AAAE and NEC/AAAE.

Chair: Lisa Gahm, A.A.E., Dallas Ft. Worth Airport


International Aviation Snow Symposium (IASS) Committee

Purpose: Plan, organize, and facilitate the International Aviation Snow Symposium and Snow Academy certifications.

Chair:  James Moorehead, C.M., Pittsburgh International Airport

Co-Chairs:  Matthew Gabbert, ASE, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
                     Ashley Thorsen, A.A.E., Gerald R. Ford International Airport


Membership Committee

Purpose: Grow and maintain strong relationships with active and engaged members serving as a conduit that adds real value to the membership.

Chair: Paul Brean, C.M., Pease Development Authority


NEC ARFF Committee

Purpose: Plan and execute the NEC/AAAE annual 40-hour ARFF School and certification in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulation PART 139.319.

Chair: Thomas Bonura, Allegheny County Airport Authority


Nominating Committee

Purpose: Appointed by the President to solicit interest from chapter members to serve as future Board of Director and/or Executive Committee members in accordance with the bylaws.

Chair:  Zachary Sundquist, A.A.E., Portland International Jetport


NEC/AAAE Policy Review Committee, (NEC PRC)

Purpose: Harness the institutional knowledge of the Chapter’s Past Presidents and create a simple and direct conduit to and from the Council and the Executive Committee (EC) and the Board of Directors (BOD), via the Chair and Co-Chair.

The NEC PRC is being created as a resource for the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors to establish a more structured path for Past Presidents to interface with them. When the EC/BOD is looking for guidance, concurrence, or comments on an item, they will funnel the request to the Chair and Co-Chair of the NEC PRC. The Chair and Co-Chair will then reach out to the  council members for their input, with the assistance of the Chapter’s Management Office. In return, if any of the Past Presidents have a topic of concern or interest they would like to discuss with the EC/BOD, they will funnel the request through the NEC PRC Chair and Co-Chair. The NEC PRC Chair and Co-Chair will aggregate the committee’s responses and formulate a cohesive, unified message. Any unified message or response will be considered a recommendation. The EC/BOD will have final say on matters under their purview per the bylaws.

Chair: Carl Braley, A.A.E., Fortbrand

Co-Chair: Richard Williams, A.A.E.


Professional Development Committee

Purpose: Provide training and professional development opportunities for the membership.

Chair: Derek Martin, A.A.E., MBA, Erie Regional Airport Airport Authority


State Representatives Committee/Government Affairs Committee

Purpose: Foster communication between state membership and leadership.

Chair:  Paul McDonough, PE, McFarland Johnson 


Onboard with Autism Committee

Purpose: The mission of the NEC "On Board with Autism" Program is to provide families with special needs the tools to allow them to experience travel in the airports throughout the Northeast Chapter of AAAE. The experience helps airline staff, TSA, and families learn about autism and create positive flying experiences for individuals with autism and their families.

Chair:  Derek Martin, A.A.E., MBA, Erie Regional Airport Airport Authority

Co-Chair: Marcela Hernandez, C.M., Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority


Young Professionals Committee
Open to individuals up to the age of 40 or anyone with less than 5 years in the industry

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Purpose: To provide our future leaders with resources and ideas.  Open to anyone under 35, or those with less than 5 years in the industry.  Please contact our Committee Liaisons regarding membership at [email protected], subject line Yo Pro.

Chairs:  Shon Dempsey, Frederick Municipal Airport

Co-Chair: Sydney Seney, P.E., McFarland Johnson

Committee Liaisons:  Paul Brean, C.M., Pease Development Authority and Melinda Montgomery, A.A.E., Trenton-Mercer Airport